About Me

I am Oliver Green, the proud owner of this project. I like playing games, reading books and hanging around with my dog, Oreo.

Back in 2017, while playing Roblox, I got up and saw the competitors with much more score than me, and I wondered if it’s real. Then I found about auto clickers.

After searching for over four months, I could not find any good enough option in the market. That’s when I decided to use my coding skills and develop an auto clicker which will serve my purpose. Once I knew it’s giving me the much needed “edge” in games, I decided to release it publicly on autoclicker.io

On autoclicker.io, you can download the free version of the software here and get to know more about the features I have tried to incorporate. Nobody is perfect though. If you find any glitches in the tool, kindly write me on [email protected] and I will most certainly fix them as soon as I can.

I have also written several guides on different games and how you can use autoclicker with each of them. Make no mistake, you can GET BANNED if you overuse the tool in any of the games, but should it stop you from breaking the records and grabbing those cookies? Hell, NO.

Using this auto clicker, you can do various things like:

  • Setting up click intervals
  • Setting the number of times it will click (or repeat infinite times, until stopped)
  • Save a list of clicked coordinates on the screen and load them.
  • and much more…

Share the auto clicker with your friends and to contact me for any bugs, here is my email ID again – [email protected]