Get Auto Clicker for Chrome: What are the Options?

Google Chrome is probably the most used web browser across the globe. From online shopping to data entry work and playing online games/chatting, the web browser is used a lot for different purposes. Most of these things require clicking on your screen. You can get an auto clicker for these tasks.

Whether you are playing War Clicks in your browser or are waiting for an online deal during festive sales, you constantly need to click on the screen to get the desired results. Now, clicking during a game is fun at starting but can get really tedious.

As for the online deals, you need to refresh the page fast before the deal goes off. Even if you are waiting for an important mail, clicking on that reload button again and again can be daunting. Or let’s say that you are doing some data entry work, that requires multiple clicks on the screen.

So, what is the solution to all of these other than clicking your mouse constantly and ultimately causing pain to your fingers and palm?

That’s where some smart applications come into the picture. There are a lot of Chrome browser extensions and software for Windows/Mac/Linux OS. Such applications and extensions come under the category of auto clickers.

How Do Auto Clickers Work in Chrome?

An auto clicker basically automates the clicks on your screen. While you are away from your mouse and PC, the auto clicker application will still get the job done if you have configured it. Generally, in most of the auto clicker applications and extensions, you will get to set the following parameters – 

Number of Clicks: You can specify the number of clicks that you want to make in your browser.

Time Interval: This is the time between two consecutive clicks. You can choose this according to how slow or fast you want to click on the screen.

Pointer Location: Here, you can specify the coordinates of your screen where you want to click automatically or you can hover over the cursor on your screen to choose the location.

Type of Click: In this option, you can select the type of click like right click, left click, or middle-click of your mouse that you want to automate.

URL List: In some auto clicker applications, you will get the option to load different URLs in the list. You can enter the location of the click and in some, you need to enter the xPath of the click button (you can find this by clicking on Inspect element on that button).

So, these were the different parameters that you can configure in your auto clicker application and extension to start the clicking process automatically. Now, let’s have a look at different auto clickers that you can use in Chrome.

OP Auto Clicker

An auto clicker is available for Windows OS that is simple to configure and use. There are multiple features in this auto clicker. You can specify the location either by coordinates or can go for the current/dynamic location of the pointer to auto click.

Enter the number of clicks and the time delay between consecutive clicks. The software will take care of the rest. This is best for reloading the web-pages automatically in your Chrome browser. Also, if you want to click a single button in your browser screen, this will get the job done efficiently.

Murgee Auto Clicker

A popular auto clicker software for Windows users that is used for multiple clicking purposes. The best and unique feature about this clicker is that you can record a sequence of clicks. The software will save the sequence and will automate the clicks in the Chrome browser in that order. You can decide the time interval between two clicks and can choose a different time delay between each click of the sequence. So, it is a perfect clicker if you want to click on multiple webpages or on multiple points in the same page.

Auto Clicker – AutoFill

This one is a Chrome extension that you can easily install from the Chrome web store. Once it is done, click on it and a local settings page will appear in the new tab. You can fill in the URL of the page where you want to auto click. In the xPath option, you have to enter the click location.

For that, go to the webpage and right-click on the button where you want to auto click. Click on Inspect and in the window that pops up, right-click on the highlighted part to copy the xPath. Simply paste that in the XPath field. Furthermore, you can specify the time delay between two consecutive clicks and how many times you want to click. So, it is an amazing extension for clicking simultaneously on multiple pages. In the meantime, you can do some other work as well on your computer.

Fast Mouse Clicker Pro

The perfect companion for all your online browser clicker games. You can do a lot of cool stuff with the help of this clicker which is super fast. You can set the number of clicks per second that goes as high as 9999 clicks per second. Imagine that speed on your auto clicker game. You will be crossing all the levels easier to win the game. There is also an option to choose the click type and also the number of clicks.

Free Mouse Clicker

A great and easy to use auto clicker that comes with basic settings to simplify the auto-clicking. You can set the time interval, click type, and can even customize the clicks with a single or double click. If you are simply looking to refresh your webpage or want to click on an online deal quickly, then this clicker is a perfect choice.

So, these were the best auto clickers that you can consider for Chrome according to the type of work that you want to use it for. Just sit back and relax while the clicker applications get the work done for you!

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