Playing Cookie Clicker | Download Auto Clicker for Cookie Clicker

A genre of games known as idle games or incremental games is all about clicking on some points on your screen and gaining virtual money/resources to move forward in the game.

That is what Cookie Clicker is! An incremental or clicker game in which you earn cookies by clicking on a big cookie on your screen. The cookies you will earn are a kind of currency that you can use in the game to buy upgrades which will help you in earning more cookies in a faster way.

Cookie Clicker is an endless game that you can keep on playing forever. The cycle will keep on going and you will earn more cookies for more upgrades and so on.

This super addictive game is like the grandfather of all clicker/incremental games because of the concept of the game. The player keeps on clicking and clicking to see that number of cookies go up and then uses the cookies to purchase various upgrades like a big cursor, grandma, etc.

The cookies are exhausted in the upgrades. The player again keeps on clicking using the upgrades to earn faster and the endless loop goes on.

The game was released in 2013 and gained significant popularity in the gaming community. Cookie Clicker is available for Android devices and can be played in any web browser on computers.

The online clicker game is updated on a regular basis and runs smoothly on all devices without exhausting the system’s resources. Let’s have a look at the gameplay!

How to Play Cookie Clicker?

  1. Visit the official online portal in your browser to play cookie clicker.
  2. You will see a large cookie on the left side of your screen. Click on this cookie and you will earn one cookie per click.
  3. While clicking on this big cookie, you will see the number of cookies earned getting increased.
  4. On the right side of the screen, you will see various upgrades getting unlocked as you progress in the game. Use your earned cookies to buy these upgrades or assets such as cursors, grandmas, mines, farms, factories, banks, and so on.
  5. The cursor that you upgrade will increase the number of cookies you earn per click. Other assets, when purchased will automatically start making cookies even if you are idle or away from your computer. You can see the number of cookies baking per second below the total number of cookies. The more and more you upgrade, the more the production rate will go up.
  6. The prices of the same upgrades will increase exponentially and will cost 15% more than the last purchase price.
  7. You will also see some random golden cookies or small cookies on your screen. These cookies disappear in some time. Click on these when they appear and it will give you an additional bonus or will increase your cookie production rate for some time.
  8. After earning a certain number of cookies and reaching milestones in the game, you will have the option to ascend which will result in the loss of all your progress but will earn you heavenly chips and prestige, eventually adding a boost to the cookie production rate. There are many more such prestige upgrades unlocked when you move forward in this game like the Cookie Dragon, wrinklers, megadrills, taller tellers, sugar lumps, mini-games, etc. These can be used further to increase your production rate.
  9. You will see a lot of achievements getting unlocked at the bottom of your screen. It will show your progress in the game. During some festive days and holidays, there will be additional upgrades and buildings as well which will unlock a lot more cookies at a faster production rate.
  10. There is an Options button at the top middle of the screen. Click on it to save your game. You can export the saved file and it will give you a code. Save that code somewhere in your computer. To later resume the game at the same progress, click on Options again and click on Import save and paste the code. There are many more settings available in Options. You can change the icons, display, etc. in these Options.

So, this is how you play the Cookie Clicker game easily in your web browser. The game is so addictive but at the same time, you don’t have all day to click and click on the cookie to earn more cookies.

Now, is there a way to totally automate the process? Just like for many clickers/incremental games, auto clicker applications work, same is the case with Cookie Clicker.

An auto clicker application automatically clicks on the screen according to the settings you want. Generally, you can choose the number of clicks to make, the time delay between two clicks, click type, and the location of the cursor. To use an auto clicker in the Cookie Clicker game, let’s have a look at the steps you need to follow.

How to Use an Auto Clicker in the Cookie Clicker Game?

  1. Download and install any trusted auto clicker application like GS Auto Clicker, OP Auto Clicker, Free Mouse Clicker, Murgee Auto Clicker, Fast Mouse Clicker, etc. You can download any clicker of your choice.
  2. Once the clicker software is installed, run the program and you will see various configurations.
  3. If the clicker has the option to choose the number of clicks, specify the clicks you want to make, or leave it to be infinite.
  4. Next, choose the time delay between two clicks. Specify the time to be minimal if you want to earn a lot of cookies at a super-fast speed.
  5. Choose the type of click i.e. left mouse button and single click/double click as you wish.
  6. There will be an option to choose the hotkey to start/stop the auto-clicking process. Choose any key you want and use that to run the clicker or stop it.
  7. In some clickers, you will have to take the cursor to the big cookie on the screen and then press the hotkey to start the auto-clicking process. In others, you will have to specify the location in coordinates. That can be easily done by hovering over the cookie on your screen and then clicking the mouse button. The clicker application will automatically capture and save the cursor location.
  8. Once done and configured, minimize the clicker. Take the cursor to the cookie and press the hotkey button to start the clicker. Let the clicker do the job by fastly earning cookies while you purchase upgrades/buildings to increase your productivity further. The game will be fully automated and you will have to just manage the cookies (currency) generated to use that properly.

This is how you use an auto clicker to play the Cookie Clicker game. It will let you give rest to your hand and mouse while clicking still continues even if you are away from your computer.

Pro Tips for Playing Cookie Clicker

  • Buy a lot of grandmas: You should focus on buying grandmas as soon as you bake enough cookies. Grandmas get a lot of upgrades throughout the game cycle and will be increasing the productivity better than anyone else. Invest in them in the start and you will get a lot of benefits in the end.
  • Buy cursors: You will need to buy around 200-220 cursors through your first prestige as the cursors will increase the productivity rate at the end. You can buy cursors using a few cookies and in bulk as well.
  • Avoid farms: At first, buying farms will increase the productivity rate fast, but for the longer run it won’t be of much use because of the costlier upgrades.
  • Buy maximum upgrades: Upgrades will increase the productivity rate of different buildings and taking it to the maximum is the ultimate goal.
  • Ascend: Ascending will reset all the progress. But, if you have got enough cookies, it is the perfect thing to do. Your prestige level will increase and you will earn the cookies quicker next time. Everything will be costly including the upgrades but you will have more fun.

Cookie Clicker requires a lot of patience and you really need to invest some time in this game to buy the proper buildings and upgrades. Follow these tips, use an auto clicker, and play the game efficiently to reach to the maximum level possible. Although, the game is endless! Enjoy baking some virtual yummy cookies!

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