Kingdom Heroes With AutoClicker – A Realtime Strategy Game (MultiPlayer)

Kingdom Heroes is a real-time strategy massively multiplayer online game. The game is based on the Heroes of Might and Magic series and was announced in 2007.

Multiple beta versions were released for the game and after many updates and improvements from the Beta program, the game was launched officially in 2009 by Ubisoft. The game was accessible through web browsers and can be played online with a decent internet connection.

The game gained popularity slowly but that wasn’t enough for the developers and due to some more issues, the game servers were taken offline in 2014.

However, many websites offered Indonesian and Chinese versions of the game for users to play online. Great news here is Kingdom Heroes 2 that is developed on a 3D platform, has been announced and beta testing is underway.

The second edition of the game will be launched soon by SubaGames on Steam. There won’t be much difference in the storyline but the graphics, sound effects, and gameplay will surely be improved. Till then, let’s have a look at the system requirements for both the games and check out the gameplay as well.

Recommended System Requirements for Kingdom Heroes

  • Operating System: Windows 98 or above
  • Network: Active Internet connection
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM or higher
  • Processor: Pentium 4 1.6GHz or better
  • Graphics – Geforce FX5700 128MB or better

NOTE: Kingdom Heroes is a browser based game and can be smoothly played on low-end systems as well.

Recommended System Requirements for Kingdom Heroes 2

  • Operating System: Windows 98 or above
  • Network: Active Internet connection
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM or higher
  • Processor: Pentium 4 2.4GHz or better
  • Graphics – GeForce 6200 or better
  • Storage – 10 GB


Just like other MMOs, the player needs to start the game by creating the character. The character creation interface is pretty decent and easy to use, but the characters are not so great.

There will be four classes to choose from – The Warrior, Fencer, The Tactician, and The Conjurer. All the classes are equipped with different skills and powers and the player can choose one according to the gameplay or style they want.

If you want to go on a full attacking mode, then the Warrior class should be your choice and if you want to be a healer along with some good attacking skills, the Tactician will be an idol class. The next thing is to select the physique or build of the character. Many games offer preloaded characters and customizations can’t be made. That’s not the case here. For both male and female characters, players can choose the build and appearance in Kingdom Heroes.

When the player enters the game, they will be asked to choose a faction and seriously, one can go with any faction. The player vs environment battles and quests are filled in the initial levels of the game.

So, once the player chooses all this and enters, there are multiple worlds and each of them can hold a limited number of players. Players can choose a world to play in and other worlds can be explored further on.

The player will be assigned a city in the region and there are resources surrounding the city which need to be collected. The resources are defended by nonplayable characters and the players have to defeat the NPCs to gain access to the resources.

The resources can be used to build different items and buildings in the city. The construction of new buildings in the city leads to the training of additional troops, the hiring of new heroes, researching spells, and avail other rewards and bonuses.

These new heroes can lead the troops to battles, can build cities in new regions, can construct buildings in the surrounding zones, and can do a lot more to earn XP and reward points. This will help in leveling up fast which will eventually lead to learning new skills. The game is a single world that will last for around 6 months and the player can then start in the new world with the progress, achievements, earned XP, and rewards.

The game also allows the players to ride warships and siege engines during the war and battles. Although only the guild leader is able to do that, so make sure that you’re friends with the leader to make it happen.

There is an in-game shop as well through which the players can purchase upgrades and can buy a lot of fancy stuff to help them in the game. The improved and computer version of the game, Kingdom Heroes 2 will also have an in-game market along with the Steam market for trading purposes.

In Kingdom Heroes 2, the game is all set to introduce new modes like Epic Kingdom-wide combat, ship-based PvP, siege engines, revolutionary guild PvP, etc. The armies can also be customized and resource management will be easier. All in all, the players are expecting a lot from the developers in the return of this game. However, till the time the new game is on “to be released” mode, you can enjoy the old one on some websites if you find it.

To get the most out of this game, players can use an auto clicker application to play efficiently and to release pressure off their fingers. As most of the players use the point-and-click system to play the game, an auto clicker application will come in handy to travel faster and to complete quests like building cities and other structures. Confused about how to use an auto clicker in Kingdom Heroes? Well, here we go with the complete guide to do so!

How to Use an Auto Clicker in Kingdom Heroes?

  1. Download any trusted auto clicker from the Internet like OP Auto Click 3.0, Fast Mouse Clicker Pro, Murgee Auto Clicker, GS Auto Clicker, Free Auto Clicker, etc. Install the auto clicker application once the download is finished.
  2. Run the software and you will see multiple options that you can edit.
  3. If there’s an option in the clicker you downloaded to enter the number of clicks, specify the number of clicks to something like 10000 or so as you can stop the clicker with the hotkey when the task is finished.
  4. Then specify the time delay or time interval. It is the time between the two clicks. Enter this time in milliseconds near the minimum value for a faster clicking rate.
  5. Now choose the click type. For building structures and for shooting in Kingdom Heroes, you will be using the left mouse button. Choose that in the option and specify the click action type as a single click.
  6. You can then choose the cursor position. The cursor position will change depending on the building and the task. So, you can leave this to the dynamic position. In some clickers, this option isn’t available and the clicker will click wherever you move your cursor.
  7. Now choose the hotkey button. This button will start or stop your auto-clicking process. In some clicker applications, there is a single hotkey button for both purposes and in some, there are two different hotkey buttons. According to the auto clicker you are using, choose the hotkey button that is not assigned to any other action in the game.
  8. Now minimize the clicker software and run the game. Go to the quest or any task involving clicking the mouse. Take the cursor to the location where you want to click. Let’s say that you are building a structure. Go to the structure area and take the cursor to the items. Press the hotkey and it will start the auto clicker. The mouse will automatically click. When the task is finished, you can press the hotkey to stop the clicker. Move on to the next task or battle and press the hotkey again to use the application for fast leveling up.

That’s how you use auto clicker software to make the game more interesting. We are pretty sure that the auto clicker software will help you a lot in Kingdom Heroes 2 as well. Let’s just wait for the launch of the game on Steam and till then enjoy different other games using auto clickers. Happy clicking! Happy gaming!

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