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Do you want to use Minecraft auto clicker, then you are at the right place. We have written this in-depth guide on how to use auto clicker for Minecraft like a pro without getting banned.

One of the best-selling, creative, independently developed, and published video games, Minecraft is really engaging for gamers and helps in developing their mind towards creativity, inventive thinking, geometry, and even a little geology as this game is about building creative blocks. At first, one might think that the game is boring because of the graphics, but once the user tries it out, the game is really engaging and entertaining. A rare functionality that many games lack is the multiplayer feature and Minecraft offers that as well.

Auto Clicker for Minecraft


Initially, Minecraft was just a small project that was developed for fun by the app developers and once the game was posted on the Internet forums, it gained a lot of popularity. Millions of users were attracted to this game and till the very date, the game is played by gamers of all ages. The graphic, sound, and gameplay is changing from time to time as the developers are rolling out awesome updates.


Minecraft is for all who are of age 8 or above, and available for many platforms like Linux, Mac, Windows, and Xbox 360 and that’s not it. The mobile version is available too for devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, and Kindle Fire. There is a story mode of this game which is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Mac, Windows, and iPhone.


Minecraft is an open-ended, exploration, and creation-focused environment. In this game players can make things and structures, building from the very beginning by utilizing materials they collect from the world around them. Given unlimited authority to shape basically any structure of their choice in this 3-D space, gamers can come up with lots of possible outcomes with the basic things. An option to work with other players on bigger structure tasks can assist users in developing a sense of teamwork.

Pocket Edition of Minecraft is a mobile version of the mainstream PC game. Players can build virtually anything in this game, as long as they’re able to mine the relevant resources.

Story Mode of Minecraft is available for the platforms earlier mentioned. The story mode of this game provides players with a storyline, and characters, and gives the plot to make it more fun. This game offers positive messages about strategies, diplomacy, and teamwork.

Now, if we talk about the gameplay, it’s not something very difficult in short, it is all about building stuff with your creative and imaginative approach and by utilizing items that you harvest in your surrounding world. You can literally go on a manhunt adventure and can even get a feel of the prison game. The game can simply be transformed into anything. It is all about exploration and finding new things in a never-ending open world.

The game still rules the gaming community and is still popular on various online streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch with millions of users streaming and enjoying the amazing game. Hope you guys now know a lot about Minecraft!

Auto Clicker for Minecraft 2022

Minecraft, along with Roblox, is a game that sees extensive use of an autoclicker. As it is a click-based game, an auto clicker’s ability to click profusely at a certain point on the screen is best put to use. There are a lot of speculations as to the legality of using one but they can always be used for fun and the thrill of winning every bout is kept alive in this way. While clickers are also used extensively for other mechanical desk jobs, the gaming community has downloaded and used it the most. This article will point out a few nuances of using such an application to play Minecraft

Steps to Play with Minecraft Auto Clicker

  1.  As mentioned before, Minecraft is a click-based game, and therefore using an auto clicker will make perfect sense. However, the most difficult part of the process is choosing an auto clicker that will give you comprehensive support. As clickers these days are infected with malware, you need to be sure of a clicker’s ability and performance before downloading one. The Free Mouse Clicker is the recommended clicker to play Minecraft. Its easy-to-navigate user interface makes it simple for players to adjust clicker settings as per the requirement of the game. The application is also known to have recorded the most block breaks in Minecraft.
  2. When you open Minecraft, you will see several buttons at the bottom of your screen. These are essentially task buttons and all of them are operated the same way, by clicking on the screen. Let us start with the most common button to be automated which is Fight. Fix a target point on the button and bring down the click interval to an absolute zero such that you can get the fastest clicks possible. Put Click Repeat as ‘Repeat Until Stopped’ and activate the clicker when an opponent is nearby. Your character will start swinging his sword or weapon at the fastest pace possible and kill your opponent instantly.
  3.  The same setting can be used on the Mine button. As it is the same button for mining or collecting XP, your character will be able to do both but at a much faster pace as compared to manual clicking.
  4.  If you are using the Dynamic Cursor position to click, you will be able to trigger any button by just placing your mouse pointer on it.
  5. While it is not used so much, the Record feature of the OP Auto Clicker can also be used if you want to automate a series of clicks, mainly the fishing maneuver. As fishing requires several clicks at different points, the Numbered Clicks Option can also be used here. 

How to Use Auto Clicker for Minecraft?

Auto Clickers are a boon to the gaming community, especially for gamers who have expertise in click-based games. With the help of automatic clicking at the highest speed possible, one becomes almost invincible when it comes to grueling duels and intense battles.

Out of the various click-based games that auto clickers are used for, Minecraft is a major stakeholder. Using an auto clicker in Minecraft, you can perform wonders by hunting down and killing all of your opponents in one go. Although it is not purely an ethical gaming concept especially when your opponent is clicking by hand and you are using a clicker, it helps to keep the thrill of the game alive.

There are several techniques that you can use while playing Minecraft. This guide will discuss in detail below all of the various aspects of using an auto clicker in Minecraft.

Various Auto Clicker features can be implemented in Minecraft

The first step to using an Auto Clicker application in Minecraft is to download an autoclicker that is reliable and completely virus-free. Due to a huge number of clickers in various app stores and third-party websites, a lot of unauthenticated clickers are being downloaded. Most of these clickers are infected with viruses that indirectly affect the device they are being downloaded on. The best clicking applications that you can download for PC are OP Auto Clicker, GS Auto Clicker, Tiny task. Not only are these clickers extremely efficient and user friendly but also bring new features to the table that can be put to use in Minecraft.

After you have downloaded and installed the clicker of your choice, launch it on your device. You will see various parameters that need to be filled like Click interval, Click repeat, Click type, and so on. Now open the Minecraft game and bring up the floating panel of the clicker once you are inside a match.

One of the most common situations in Minecraft where a clicker can be put to best use is in 1v1 battles. Once you have a weapon equipped on your character, the faster you click with the help of your mouse, the faster your character will start using the weapon at hand and more damage will be inflicted on your opponent. In such cases, you will want to automate the fight (fire) button. Open up the clicker and set a target point on the fight button. There are two ways to do this.

You can either feed the clicker with the X and Y coordinate of the fire button or drag your mouse to the button and then select the ‘Current cursor position’ on the clicker. Make the target point large enough so that it encircles the entire button. Now go to the click interval parameter and set all the time divisions (hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds) to zero. This is the fastest setting of a clicker.

Set a hotkey to start and stop the clicker and choose to right-click from the ‘Clicking Type’ option. As you want the clicker to continue clicking as long as the opponent has not been killed, set the ‘Click Repeat’ parameter to ‘Repeat until Stopped’. Whenever you see an opponent next, press the start hotkey and you will see your character firing nonstop. All you have to do there is maneuver the aim of the fires being shot and control the movement of the character. The opponent will be easily knocked out.

The above-discussed process can be applied to any button. Mining can also be automated using this technique. Open up the clicker and set the target button on the Mine button. For Mining as well, you want the job to be done quickly. Set the click interval to zero like the prior process. Now bring your character to a mining spot, position it correctly, and activate the clicker. It will automatically start mining and collect XP faster than manually clicking would have.

Fishing – Fishing in Minecraft to collect food and energy from fish is an important task and it requires a lot of clicks to make a pool and place your fishing rod in it. The record and playback feature of the OP auto clicker specifically plays an important role here. An easy solution to fishing would be to record the entire sequence of clicks only once that can be repeated over and over again. Switch on the record button from the media player of the clicker and go back to Minecraft. Manually make a pool by using building blocks and thereafter insert the fishing rod. You just need to do this once. Once a fish has been caught, stop the recording there and save it on a custom slot. Whenever you need to fish next, go to the saved recording and play it. The entire sequence of clicks will be repeated and you will get fish after the cycle is complete. You can also use the numbered clicks feature of GS Auto Clicker to do the same activity.

Both the Numbered Clicks and Record and playback options can be used to build houses. Once you have assembled all the building material you require, enable either option and record the clicks. Once done, just play the recording to build further houses.

Use the ‘Dynamic Cursor Position’ option of the clicker to perform various actions. However, make sure to set an appropriate click interval in such a case. Once you start using a clicker, you are sure to win almost every game. Try out these various nuances of using a clicker for Minecraft and success will be guaranteed!

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