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Want to use auto clicker for roblox?

But you are looking for a safe auto clicker to play roblox. We have found the best one for you. You can use this auto clicker for Minecraft & other clicker games.

Roblox is not just a single game but is a collection of over 50 million games with an active monthly user base of above 100 million. The game has gained a lot of popularity, especially among children because of the user-generated content. Users download this application and then there is a wide range of games available along with social features as well like adding friends and chatting with them in-game.

The game was initially launched in 2006 and has been growing since then. The creation platform allowed the users to make their own version of games with the help of Roblox Studio. Around 2 million users have contributed to the games that are now a part of the Roblox gaming community. 

Auto Clicker for Roblox


Every world that you visit in different Roblox games is created by different players and there are millions of such worlds to explore and enjoy. From simply roaming in the game to enjoy some missions focussed wildly deep tasks, there is a lot in between for all the gamers out there. You can easily find the game genres that you like such as shooting games, racing games, Zombie games, and almost anything that you can imagine. With the easy to search panel offered in the application, users can easily search for their favorite game genres.

You can install Roblox on various platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Xbox One. As for the platforms like PS4 and Nintendo Switch, there is currently no information about the release of the software.

Parental Controls

Roblox has multiple settings and controls in place to make the environment safe for everyone and that is why the game is intended for players of all ages. The user-created content that goes on live in Roblox is properly verified to make sure that there is not anything disturbing for the players. Although, violence is part of many games and parents might find it inappropriate for their kids. For that, Roblox has parental controls which they can use to limit what their child plays along with monitoring modes as well to access the kid’s account remotely.

Purchases and Monetization

There is an in-game currency Robux, with which users can purchase various accessories and paid games. There is a community market in the application where prices of various items change depending on the availability. Users can add the currency with their credit cards to make purchases inside the game. Multiple premium subscription plans are also available for Roblox that has special perks and an additional 10% discount on purchases. To make money, users are creating games and that is why many creators are earning a lot. For other gamers, streaming on YouTube and Twitch is an easy way to generate revenue.

That’s all about this gaming platform that has millions of games for all types of gamers. If you are not a part of the Roblox community, you are definitely missing out on a lot of fun and an ultimate gaming experience.

Auto Clicker for Roblox

When it comes to playing click-based games such as Roblox and Minecraft, auto clickers are the first choice for any gamer. Although the use of auto clickers is unethical and also illegal if you are participating in gaming competitions, you are sure to win every game when using one for fun! As the name suggests, the sole work of a clicker is to automatically click on a certain point on the screen as per the parameters that have been fed to it. Most clickers can be downloaded for free from their online websites. They are mostly compatible with all operating systems. Below are certain ways in which you can use an auto clicker to play Roblox.

Steps to Play Roblox using an Auto Clicker

  1. The first task is to download a good clicker that will support you throughout the game. You also need to be careful while downloading one as clickers tend to have viruses in them. The two recommended clickers for this purpose are the OP Auto Clicker and the GS Auto Clicker. They can be downloaded from their official websites respectively.
  2. Once you have installed it, launch the clicker and keep it as a floating panel over your screen. Run Roblox and open up the screen where the various movement and action buttons are available. The main idea is to set up target points on those buttons for the clicker. The clicker will then automatically click on those buttons and your character will portray the relevant movement.
  3. One of the most automated buttons of Roblox is the Fire button. On pressing this button, your character will shoot. The faster you press the button, the faster bullets leave the gun. This can therefore be a good target point. Make a click point there by either inputting the X and Y coordinate of the button or moving your mouse cursor onto the button and selecting ‘Current Cursor Location’ on the clicker. Thereafter set the other parameters like Click Interval and Click Repeat. Set zeros in all the columns of the click interval. This way you will get the fastest set of clicks. Now when you press the hotkey and activate the clicker, without you even moving a muscle, your character will start shooting automatically. The same technique can be used to automate the other buttons like Crouch, Punch, Jump, and Prone.
  4. If you want to automate more than one button at a time, you will need to take the help of the Record feature or the Numbered Click option. Using the Record feature, you can click on various buttons at a time and record a sequence of clicks that can be played later. In the Numbered Clicks feature, you will be able to set up to 10 numbered target points on the screen. These can potentially be all of the buttons in Roblox. Thereafter, when you start the clicker, clicks will be made according to the numerical order and the cycle will be repeated until stopped. 

How to Use Auto Clicker for Roblox?

Auto Clickers are software that automates repeatedly clicking on the screen, be it your PC or a smartphone. With the help of the various parameters that clickers provide, it is possible to click anywhere on the screen. Therefore, clicker applications are best suited for the gaming community where it aids in playing click-based games. One such clicker game that is extensively played with the help of an Auto Clicker is Roblox. Though it becomes unethical when you are using a clicker and your opponent is not, it keeps the thrill of the game alive.

Owing to the user interface of Roblox, one can easily fix target spots on the fixed buttons and press the hotkey to activate the clicker. Needless to say, the software will be able to generate more clicks per second than a human finger and you will be able to easily crush your enemies. Some of the interesting ways in which you can use an auto clicker in Roblox are mentioned below in this guide.

Best Auto Clicker Settings for Roblox

The first step to using a clicker application for Roblox is to download an auto clicker that is efficient, free to download, and virus-free. Malware has been the biggest problem with run-of-the-mill clickers doing the rounds on the internet. They corrupt your system and burden your CPU. Two of the best auto clickers are the OP Auto Clicker and the GS Auto Clicker. Both clickers have advanced ‘Record’ and ‘Numbered Clicks’ features that can be put to use in Roblox. The clickers can be downloaded from their official websites.

After you have downloaded it on your PC, install it and open up the application. Now launch Roblox. The first button that we will deal with is ‘Fire’. The faster you click on it, the faster will be the rate of fire from your gun. Now bring up the clicker application again. Fix the target point on the clicker button.

You can either do this by feeding in the X and Y coordinates of the fire button or by dragging your mouse on the button and selecting ‘Current cursor Position’. As you need the firing to be as fast as it can possibly get, set zeros in the hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds division of the click interval. This is the fastest setting your click can achieve. Finally, select ‘Repeat until stopped’.

By default, the hotkey for starting and stopping is the F6 key. If you want it otherwise, you can easily change it to any key you like.

Now go back to your game. Whenever you spot an enemy, simply press the hotkey that you have set and the character will start firing continuously at the opponent. All you need to do with the mouse is just aim. Pressing the hotkey again will stop the clicker from firing.

A similar technique can be used for other buttons that are present beside the fire button, namely Jump, Crouch, Prone, Punch, etc. As these are maneuver buttons, you do not want such fast clicks like the Fire. Select a click interval of your choice after you have set the target points on those buttons. Mention the number of clicks that you want in one go and press the hotkey to trigger the clicker.

Record – Advanced Auto clickers like OP and GS Auto Clickers, as mentioned before, have the record option that lets you record a sequence of clicks. On pressing play thereafter, the entire sequence will be repeated as the clicker has been set. This essential feature can be put to use when using a clicker for Roblox. Go to the Record button on the clicker interface and press it. The recording will start. Now go back to Roblox and record a series of clicks. You can record any combination of fire and movement tactics that you want. A simple example will be 5 clicks on the fire button, followed by two jumps, a crouch, and finally 5 prone shots. The pace in which you click will also be duplicated. Once you are done, stop the recording and save it in a custom folder. Once inside the game, upon spotting enemies, press the start hotkey. This will trigger the recording and the entire sequence of movements as described above will start iterating. You can sit back and relax while the auto clicker knocks your opponents down.

Numbered Clicks – This option works similar to the Record button and is only present in the GS Auto Clicker. You will not find this feature in the OP Auto Clicker. As the name suggests, you can set various click points on the screen and number them as 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on. Open up the Roblox application and set numbered target points on all the buttons that you will require.

Put fire as your first click, prone as your second, jump as your third, and end it with a punch. Generally, you can set up to 10 points via the Numbered Clicks option. Set the click interval and number of times you want the entire cycle to be repeated. Once all the parameters have been set, press the hotkey and the clicks will start to play out as numbered. After the four clicks have been executed, it will go back to the first click until the complete cycle of clicks as a set has not been completed. 

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