How to Switch ie Proxy Server between two clicks?

We generally use Auto Clickers for gaming purposes where there is a constant requirement of clicking at a very high speed on particular points on the screen. Although that is the case generally, in this article we will try to use Auto Clickers and automate the function of changing proxy servers with every click of the application.

With the improvement of the user interface and features of a clicker, various operations such as this one have been made possible. Two of the features that help most in such situations are the Numbered Clicks and Record and PlayBack features.

How to Switch ie proxy Server between two clicks?
How to Switch ie proxy Server between two clicks?

These features are not available in all clickers. The two recommended Auto Clickers for this purpose are the OP Auto Clicker and the GS Auto Clicker. Both these clickers can be downloaded for free from their official websites. While the OP Auto Clicker is known for its Record and Playback feature, GS Auto Clicker is known for its Numbered Clicks.

Switching Proxy Using OP Auto Clicker

To switch between proxy servers, you must already have either a proxy changing application or a web extension on your browser that will allow you to change proxies.

Your proxy server provider must also provide at least two or more servers such that the switches can be made. Open up either the proxy application or the browser where the proxy extension is. Launch the OP Auto Clicker and place the floating panel beside the proxy.

After enabling the proxy, set the target location of the clicker where the ‘Change Proxy Server’ button or option is. As you want to give the application time to set up the proxy server after ‘Change’ has been clicked, set an appropriate ‘Click Interval’. Set the number of clicks to 2. If your proxy supports more than 2 servers, you can set the number of clickers higher as well.

Once done, define a hotkey to start and stop the auto clicker. Minimize the auto clicker, open up your web browser, and press the hotkey to activate the clicker. You will be able to see the proxy server is changed. After some time has elapsed, the clicker will automatically click again to switch to another proxy server and so on until the number of clicks has been exhausted.

You can also perform the same function using the Record option. Instead of having to set the various parameters, here you will have to manually click on the server and switch it once.

The clicker will record the cursor movement on the screen and reciprocate exactly that when turned on. The click interval and number of clicks will all be determined from the recording as it is.

Once you have recorded a sample server switch, save it on the OP Auto Clicker and close the clicker. Press the Hotkey again to activate it and you will be able to see the proxy switches being carried out by your clicker.

Switching Proxy using GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker (Golden Soft Auto Clicker), along with OP, is one of the best auto clickers in the industry today. As the interface and basic features of both GS and OP are alike, to switch between proxies using the conventional way, you can refer to the procedure mentioned under OP Auto Clicker.

The same method will also apply here. You can however perform the same function much faster using the Numbered Clicks feature. This feature is similar to the Record and Playback tool of OP.

Here, you can set up to 10 different targets or click points anywhere on the screen. The clicker will carry out ten clicks on those positions of the screen in a numerical pattern. Once the 10 clicks are done, the cycle can either be repeated or stopped there.

Depending on the number of servers in your application, set clicking points on the ‘Change’ button. Give an adequate click interval such that the application is able to change servers. Select a hotkey and finally activate it to see the proxy changes in action. 

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