Download Auto Clicker for Windows – A Complete Guide for PC

What exactly is an auto clicker? If you are into gaming or any other data entry work that requires a lot of mouse-clicking, then auto clicker is your savior. It is a simple application that automates the clicking process by just pressing a single key.

From games requiring high clicks per second to web pages that you need to reload automatically to grab a deal, an auto clicker is an ultimate application to get the job done efficiently.

Whether you are in front of your computer or are away doing some other work, the clicker application will keep on clicking automatically for the time you specify or until you hit the stop button.

Certain auto clickers have advanced customizable settings as well that can perform a series of clicks on the screen at different points. Also, the auto-clickers will run in the background letting you have full access to the screen. Let’s find out some of the common options and parameters available in most of the auto clickers for Windows. You can download autoclicker here.

Options to Configure in an Auto Clicker

Obviously, you need to provide input and instructions to the clicker software to automate the clicking. Below are the options available in most of the auto clickers.

  • Type of click – It is the button of your mouse that you want to automatically click. Generally, three buttons are available Left, Right, and Middle. Some of the auto clickers also allow you to customize the setting to hold the button for a specific time automatically and then release it.
  • Number of clicks – The total number of clicks that you want to perform. Let’s say that you want to reach the next level in a game and that requires clicking on a point for 1000 times. Enter 1000 clicks in your auto-clicker and run it. You can also keep the number indefinite and the clicking will stop only when you click the Stop key.
  • Time interval between clicks – You can set the time interval between two consecutive clicks. The clicker application will wait for that specified time before performing the next click.
  • Cursor position – It is the position of your mouse pointer. There will be an option to insert the coordinates of the screen where you want to click automatically or you can set the current position and can even go for a dynamic position for clicking in some auto clickers.
  • Hotkey – The hotkey is like the trigger key which will start or stop the auto clicker when pressed. You can set any keyboard key as the hotkey or it will be set by default in some clickers.

Best Auto Clicker for Windows

Free Auto Clicker

As the name says, it is free to use and one of the best user-friendly auto clickers for Windows. The features that are available in this clicker makes it stand out from all the entry-level clickers. The controls in this clicker can be easily customized as per your clicking requirements. The left and right clicks work with 100 % efficiency in this clicker. Define the X and Y coordinates and then simply set the time interval between the clicks. The clicker will do the magic in completing your auto-clicking task.

GS Auto Clicker

One of the auto clickers that is recommended by many experts. It is all because of the amazing functionalities and a user-friendly interface. The gaming community loves this clicker because of the recording feature available in it. You can easily record the click sequences and then run the tool. It will take care of your auto-clicking process with ease and perfect accuracy. You even have the option to choose single click or double click. So, set the time interval, decide the clicks and see the clicker getting the job done.

OP Auto Clicker

A pro-level free auto clicker that comes with an awesome feature related to the cursor position. In this advanced auto clicker, you can either choose the dynamic cursor location for auto-clicking or can specify the coordinates of the window.

You can set the total number of clicks you want to perform and the time interval between the clicks. There are a lot more options as well making it probably the most efficient and complete auto clicker on the list. Also, this clicker is totally CPU friendly and won’t cause your computer to lag or hang.

Murgee Auto Clicker

Murgee auto clicker is one of the most popular and trusted auto clickers in the automation world. The best feature of this clicker is that you can make a list of sequences to perform with your mouse in an order. The clicker will save the recording in the log and will perform the clicks on the coordinates recorded. You can even choose the time interval between two clicks and can easily start or stop the clicker with a keyboard key. The clicker also displays the total number of clicks performed so that you can stop the clicker accordingly.

Free Mouse Clicker

The most simple auto clicker with limited features that allows you to customize very basic settings for clicking. Set the 500 millisecond time interval for the fastest clicking. The size of the software is very low and it won’t consume any of your CPU resources. You can set the click type that you want and can also customize single or double clicks. The great feature is that you can set the hotkey on your keyboard and mouse as well, making it a perfect pick.

Auto Clicker Typer

Another simple and targeted software with limited features to simplify the auto-clicking process. There is a record button in the application to record the sequence of clicks or actions that you perform on the screen. The best thing about this clicker is the loop feature. Let’s say that you recorded a sequence and in that sequence, you want some actions to occur in loop. Just check-mark the loop option and enter the value for the loop. Next, you can set the hotkey, time delay, and click types.

Fast Mouse Clicker Pro

The auto clicker is super fast with some really useful options and controls to configure especially for gaming purposes. You can set the number of clicks per second and the clicker can perform upto 9999 clicks per second. You can choose between the left, middle, or right clicks and can trigger the clicking process with a keyboard or mouse button. Also, the number of clicks at which the software stops can be specified in the options, making it an extremely quick and efficient auto clicker.

Perfect Automation

This tool is not just an auto clicker but a complete automation package. With a lot of features included for computer automation, it is surely one of the best and advanced software. You can record mouse sequences and keyboard sequences as well along with a couple of more cool features with maximum customization given to users. Also, the program is CPU friendly and won’t exhaust the resources of your computer.

These were the best auto clickers for Windows OS and will work smoothly. You can download these easily from the official website and use them to get your clicking job done with ease.