The US States Most Obsessed with Minecraft Revealed 

“One More Block!” is a phrase many Minecraft fans know and love, as it is safe to say the game is a worldwide phenomenon 

A brand-new study released by our team at reveals the US states most obsessed with Minecraft. 

Data reveals people in Utah are most obsessed with the video game, with 1,839 online searches per 100,000 people per month- with a total 62,179 monthly searches. 

The research conducted by analyzes all 50 US states (and DC) based on the number of times each state Googles search terms related to an interest in Minecraft. 

Forty-seven relevant search terms were used in the study, including “minecraft”, “minecraft pocket edition”, “minecraft classic”, “minecraft dungeons”, and “minecraft movie”. 

The number of searches for each term was then added up to give a total of searches for each state. This was then compared to the population to calculate how many searches per 100,000 people. 

Utah tops the study, with the most monthly searches per 100,000 people. Utah has a fairly small population, ranking in 30th for size, people seem to demonstrate a strong interest for the 3D sandbox game. 

Washington ranks second in the study, with 1,744 monthly searches per 100,000 people. With a large population of 7,785,786, the state boasts a total 135,752 monthly searches. 

DC impressively takes third place, with a total 1,600 monthly searches per 100,000 people. Even though DC isn’t a state, a significant chunk of its 671,803-person population is obsessed with Minecraft.  

Oliver Green creator of commented on the study findings: 

“The first version of Minecraft was released for PC players in 2009, called Cave Game. Since then, Minecraft has become more popular and offers several editions and maps to explore. The Minecraft franchise now consists of five video games, along with various books, merchandise, events, and an upcoming theatrical film. 

“It is interesting to see that the game is so popular in Utah. In fact, recently an event called ‘Minefest’ was held in Salt Lake City, allowing ‘Minecrafters’ to experience brand new Minecraft-inspired attractions, meet well-known YouTubers and participate in costume contests. 

“Cleverly, the creators of Minecraft launched a downloadable Washington DC map which allows players to virtually tour the Lincoln Memorial, White House, Washington Monument, Pentagon, and many more landmarks. 

“Offering maps that replicate real life places is a very clever way of encouraging people to play and test their knowledge of their own neighborhood. 

“More than 176 million people played Minecraft in January 2023, and with it being available both offline and online, it can be played anywhere and anytime.  

“It will be interesting to see what Mojang developers have to offer in the future and how Minecraft will grow alongside the evolution of AI.” 

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