Perfect World – 3D Game With Auto Clicker Edge

Perfect World is a 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game, full of adventures in the fantasy world. Players can opt for many roles depending on the class and race they choose. The game is based on Chinese mythology and was developed by Perfect World Games.

The Chinese version of the game was initially released in 2005 and then the final update was rolled out in 2006. As for the European, North American, and Russian versions of the game, they were launched in 2008 in collaboration with different other game publishers.

The game was released for Windows OS and later on, Android and iOS versions were also released after a decade. It was the popularity of the game that motivated the developers to go for the mobile versions. Let’s take a look at the system requirements to run this game.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 or above
  • Processor: Celeron 800Mhz and above or above
  • Graphics: 32Mb Video memory, supports 3D graphic acceleration
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM or higher
  • DX: DirectX 9.0c
  • Storage: 2.6 GB
  • Sound: Support DirectX 8.1 or Higher
  • Network: Active Internet connection


In Perfect World, the players have to choose and create a new character. There are a total of 5 main races that inhabit the world namely Humans, Untamed, Tideborn, Winged Elves, and Earthguard.

All of these races have different powers and weapons. There is a lot of rivalry between each race and a history of endless battles. From magical powers to shooting skills and defending skills, players can experience a lot of amazing stuff in this game. Once the player chooses the race, they will have the option to customize their character further.

It is one of the best features and is rare in online games. From customizing the facial expression to ears to arms size and much more, players can play around with the customization settings by dragging the sliders to change the appearance of their characters.

So, once the player is done with choosing the character and customization, they will be entering the Astral Domain which is the start of the game.

There are various options to help the players including a question mark widget that will guide the player to move forward in the game. Clicking on the Information button will let the player know about different assets and resources that are accessible and can be used for quests.

The player has to interact with the non-playable characters to obtain quests. The main aim is to complete the quests and get more quests from different non-playable characters. While in the Astral Domain, the players are given 4 higher levels of power temporarily using an item to get the taste of what’s to come ahead.

Players can find these and many more skills in the Action bar or panel. The player needs to drag and drop the skills in the slot to use it in real-time battles. There are some passive skills and combo skills as well that can be equipped by the players in the Action bar. The combo skills can be created by clicking on New in the bar menu.

Once the players complete the basics and journey in the starting land, they are then transferred to the Perfect World where the exploration part begins.

Quests will be added automatically to the list which needs to be completed in this world. In the quests tracker window, the player can check various details about the quests and even the name of the quest giver. The quests never end and when players visit new lands and locations, they will see more and more missions full of adventures and fun. While exploring and fighting the monsters in the battles to complete quests, players will learn that the damage given to different monsters is different with the same weapon. This is because of the reactive power of the elements the monsters are made up of. Learning this accurately will help players during the battles to choose their weapons wisely according to the enemy to maximize the damage.

As the players keep on progressing by killing the monsters, completing quests, using special items, etc., the experience, coins, and spirit will increase.

The character attribute points are also increased and the skills of the characters are upgraded after every level up. To train the skills further and level up the skills to increase the power, players can use coins and spirit. In the Perfect World Boutique, players can find a wide range of items to buy such as skins of weapons, costumes, utility items, etc. Players have to buy in-game currency by spending real money. This currency can be used to purchase items from the boutique.

One thing about this game that many players feel is the number of clicks that they have to make during fights, or while completing quests to earn rewards.

Although this game is not in the category of idle or clicker games, it involves a lot of clicking. Certainly, with the help of an auto clicker application, players can use the software smartly to reduce stress from their fingers. If you don’t know what an auto clicker application is, then it is software that can automate your mouse clicks. How to install and use it? Scroll down below to find out!

How to Use an Auto Clicker in the Perfect World Game?

  1. Firstly, download an auto clicker from the Internet. You can download any trusted auto clicker like Murgee Auto Clicker, OP Auto Clicker, GS Auto Clicker, Free Auto Clicker, Fast Mouse Clicker, etc. Install the application once the download is complete.
  2. Run the auto clicker application and you will see some options according to the auto clicker you have downloaded. Mainly the basic options are – number of clicks, time interval/delay, the position of the cursor, type of click, and hotkey. There can be more advanced settings.
  3. Now enter the number of clicks. You can enter any number near to maximum as we will be using the hotkey to start or stop the auto-clicking process.
  4. In the time delay option, enter the time in milliseconds. This is the time between two consecutive clicks. Keep it to a minimum for a fast clicking experience.
  5. You can leave the mouse cursor position to dynamic. In some clickers, it is automatically set to dynamic and the clicker will click at the point where your cursor is.
  6. As for the mouse click type, select this to the left button. If there is an option to choose a single click or double click, go with a single click.
  7. Now choose your hotkey button. If the hotkey button can’t be changed, then note the assigned hotkey and if it can be changed, assign any key that is not being used in the game. The hotkey will easily start or stop the clicker application.
  8. Once everything is set, open the game and enter the quest. Depending on if it is a battle or a simple mission involving breaking down items, place the cursor to the location where you want to click and press the hotkey button. Let the quest finish fast. Again press the stop hotkey button to stop the auto clicker. If you want to move your mouse without auto-clicking, you can use the hotkey to toggle ON and OFF.

That’s pretty much all about using an auto-clicker in the Perfect World game. You can complete the quests quickly and can get to high levels with the help of auto clicker software. Play around with it a couple of times and it will be super easy to use.

The game is definitely worth playing and is one of the most popular games, especially on mobile devices. You can enjoy this free-to-play fantasy world game on any platform that you like. Go on, take part in wars and battles and have a great time playing this super cool game. Happy gaming!

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